School nurtures creative thinkers – read article published in the Westerner 15 November 2012 The Westerner 15 Nov 2012

SVSS High school student:  “Head, heart and hands” published in the 1 November 2012 The Courier Mail. Courier Mail Article Nov 2012.

Class 10 Boat Building – read the article published in The Westerner 1 November 2012

Reflections from Waldorf Alumni
Below is a video depicting the many benefits that chidren gain from a Steiner education. We thought it was so good, we wanted to share it with you. Chicago Waldorf School Alumni and other Waldorf alumni reflect on the value of their unique education detailing how it prepared them for creative thinking, innovation and adaptability in the professional world.


Recommended Reading

Here’s an article in Waldorf Today (originally from the UK’s Daily Mail) about how violent video games affect the brain, even after only one week:

Here’s an article from the New York Times about why Waldorf schools delay children’s interaction with technology:


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