Samford Valley Steiner School

Australian Youth Conference

Australian Youth Conference – Tuesday 4thSaturday 7th September 2019

Samford Valley Steiner School is hosting the Waldorf 100 Australian Youth Conference . This is the major student focussed event in Australia to celebrate 100 years since the first Waldorf school opened.

The Youth Conference will explore social renewal as its major theme, focussing on issues of our times – racism and prejudice, divisions and world conflict, Indigenous perspectives, minority groups, Australian and world-wide response to refugees, the environment and sustainability, education and imagining the future, the role of the Arts, money and ethical business. The Conference is open to students in Years 10 and up, attending an Australian or New Zealand Steiner School.  

Young people are facing many diverse challenges, locally and globally. These demand a new capacity and way of working to create a healthy future.

The Youth Conference aims to enable young people to:

  • Discuss and explore issues of our times in the world wide and Australasian specific context
  • Build capacity to meet the challenges of the future
  • Form friendships and connections with other Steiner students in Australia