Samford Valley Steiner School

Important Communication Regarding Second School

Dear Community,

Over the past twenty-four months the Rudolf Steiner Education Group Brisbane (RSEGB), governing body of Samford Valley Steiner School (SVSS), has been seeking a suitable established site for a second Steiner School in the central Brisbane area.  During this period, many sites have been pursued but no site has been secured.  Recent efforts have been focussed on a potential site in the Red Hill area.  Regretfully, we now have confirmation from the State Government that this site will not be available to us for the establishment of the school in the near future.   Expanding access for more students to experience their education at a Steiner School remains a core focus of the RSEGB and as such we will regroup and continue our search. 

In 2016 RSEGB joined together with Heidi Casey and a group called the Brisbane Waldorf School (BWS) to jointly undertake this exciting project.  Both groups felt at the time that the merge would provide optimum opportunity for success.

Following the two groups joining forces Heidi spent some time on the SVSS School Board and has led the Second School Subcommittee in the work towards establishing a second school.  After recent review, Heidi has decided to re-establish a group to work towards developing a new school independently of the RSEGB.  The Board of RSEGB would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge all the work that Heidi has done during our partnership and wish her well in this independent endeavour. We continue to hold true to our mission that Steiner Education be available to all those who seek it in South East Qld and both groups will now be working towards this end. 

We understand that the significant delays in the expected opening of the school has impact for parents and guardians who have completed the pre-enrolment process.  At this stage we will be closing the pre-enrolment waitlists for the second school and will be refunding all second school pre-enrolment fees paid to date.  The Samford Valley Steiner School enrolments or accounts personnel will be in touch with you shortly regarding this refund.  Parents will be offered the option of reinstating their existing position on the waitlist when further progress is made towards the establishment of the school and the pre-enrolment process opens again.  Samford Valley Steiner School currently has limited places available in some classes and we would be happy to explore options with you should you wish to consider enrolment at SVSS.  We thank you for your support and patience.

The Rudolf Steiner Education Group Brisbane