Samford Valley Steiner School

Outdoor Classroom now open


We are happy to announce that the new SVSS Outdoor Classroom is well and truly open for business! 

The space provides a whole host of benefits and resources to sustain an Outdoor Curriculum at SVSS including a fire pit, a covered ‘classroom’ space and a tool use area.  Upon this canvas Year 9 have been working hard throughout Semester 1 to make the area beautiful and useful.  They have started our forest trail which will eventually support a walk through the bush in the southwest corner of the school from the Outdoor Classroom up to the car park.  They have assembled and erected a 15’ ridgepole for our tarp classroom cover, started the tool area fencing, built firewood storage, created a compost heap and started to delineate a process pen for holding the limbs and cuttings from throughout the school prior to it’s use in the classroom. 

There are many future plans for the space including a more permanent shingle or thatched roof to replace our temporary tarpaulins, continual upgrades to our kitchen area (started by this oven) and a coppice from which to grow the building materials we will use so much of.  We plan to build a rammed earth storage shed with the students and create an outdoor smithy complete with forge and casting pit.  There will be an area for raku glazing and firing of ceramics, a food forest, bush tucker garden and so much more besides.  We hope that as the program grows all years will have a hand in creating something wonderful in this space.

What an exciting and beautiful addition to our school!