Samford Valley Steiner School

Second school update

A long time has passed between updates. Now that Spring is starting to bloom we thought it best to take a moment to let you know all that has happened so far this year with the hunt for our second home.

As you know, Heidi Casey joined the RSEGB Board in October 2016 to formalise the merging of the Samford Valley Steiner School and Brisbane Waldorf School. In June 2017, Heidi decided to step down from the Board to ensure her primary focus remained on establishing an inner-city Steiner School. The Board is understanding of Heidi’s decision as this is an important initiative that has our full cooperation. We all want to see the Brisbane Steiner School happen.

To support the project, a Board sub-committee was formed to steer direction, maintain communication and drive progress for the School. The committee now consists of three sitting members from the Board, plus Pep Wright, Jan Baker-Finch and Heidi as the Committee Chair driving the process.

Since the hunt for a second school began, 19 properties have been progressed beyond an initial inspection. All have either stalled or fallen over for various reasons outside of our influence, such as: risk of flooding, red tape or cost. This is most disappointing, particularly considering all the work that goes into progressing a property each time, and the delay for families eagerly awaiting the availability of the Brisbane Steiner School. We hope you can understand our preference not to update you every time this happened.

Despite the setbacks, we remain hopeful and committed to seeing the school come to fruition.

With Jan and Heidi’s recent involvement on the sub-committee, a grand vision for the abandoned buildings and vacant land on the old Ithaca Tafe site has emerged. Jan walks the site each morning – grounding the vision. We now have a few very helpful connections with various State Government officials who are giving us advice and support on submitting a proposal for the Ithaca site, and how we can best proceed. We will be asking for a response on the proposal from the State Government by November. We will update you once we hear back on their assessment of our proposal and we hope that 2019 will yield the Brisbane Steiner School.

As the sub-committee works hard to secure the site and progress the needs and vision, we are seeking additional support from within our community; either directly or by association. If you have connections or contacts to the Lord Mayor’s Office or Kate Jones – the Minister for Education, Yvette D’Ath – the Minister for Training and Employment, please get in touch with the sub-committee.

Sub-committee contact details:

Phone the School Office and leave a message for the sub-committee (07) 3430 9600

Thank you for your ongoing support of bringing Steiner education to Brisbane, and for your patience as we work hard to bring the Brisbane Steiner School to life.

The RSEGB Board