Samford Valley Steiner School

Waldorf 100 Postcard Exchange

The year after next, 2019, it will be 100 years since the first Steiner/Waldorf School started in Stuttgart. There are now over 1,000 schools all around the world. As a way of celebrating this, one initiative is the “postcard exchange”. Every Waldorf school in the world will send a postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world, receiving in return postcards individually designed by a young person, telling or showing us something of his or her country, school, or self.
We have received a box with over 1,000 cards for us to send overseas and the children are drawing pictures on each card.
Class 7 will draw a huge map of the world on the back doors inside the hall. We will attach each card we receive onto the door with a thread going to the place it has come from thus we can all see the spread of Steiner/Waldorf schools around the world. We have received several cards already. When the display has gathered pace, we will let parents know so they can come in and see it.