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Samford Valley Steiner School offers an inspiring and comprehensive education for children from Pre-Prep through to Year 12 in high school. Our school is located on 20 acres of leafy, natural bushland, in the semi-rural Samford Valley. This picturesque destination is approximately 24km/35 minutes drive from Brisbane, in South East Queensland, Australia.

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Shared by the fastest growing independent school movement in the world, our curriculum is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The education aims to give each new generation an education entirely free from partisan political, economic, sectarian or racial influences. From the earliest years, throughout the child’s education right up to high school graduation, our curriculum is integrated to fully prepare each child for adulthood. We recognise that each child is unique and through focusing on enhancing each individual child’s attributes and sensitively addressing their challenges we strive to develop unprejudiced, well-informed, confident and creative young people who are valuable and practical contributors to society.

We welcome the involvement of parents in our school community. Click here to find how you can join in. Download more information by clicking on the button on the right, or call the school on 07 3430 9600 if there is information you have not found on our site.

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The Movable Classroom - Moving, engaging, and learning
moveable classroom e1424736280735 150x150 Welcome to Samford Valley Steiner SchoolThis year we have introduced Movable Classrooms in both Classes 1 and 2. The vital things we work on in these early years are the four lower senses. Our moveable furniture helps to promote and develop these in a fun and vigorous way.

The children walk and crawl along the benches, slide and bunny hop then they flip them over and balance along them, leap over them like frogs and slither under like snakes.

These are all very important movements for the developing child. We have three different routines and work individually, in pairs and as a group. In just under two weeks the impact on Class 2 has been enormously positive. This fun, developmentally appropriate movement sets us up for optimal learning for the rest of the day. We can use them as part of our drama work for play, we lift them, stack them and we do our work on them in a very healthy body manner.

Conceived in Scandinavia and developed in Germany, the Movable Classroom is a concept that meets children in a new way. Instead of traditional desks and chairs, the Movable Classroom uses low benches that can be moved and utilized in a multitude of ways. Whether in a circle, a horseshoe, as a long lunch table, or grouped for children working in pairs… whether as an obstacle course or a balance beam … whether in rows “just like a normal classroom”… these benches lend themselves to flexibility, form and supreme functionality: the Movable Classroom invites children to learn—and love learning—in an environment that is both amenable to them and productive.

A first for Steiner Education – Year 12 student attends the National Youth Science Forum
NL NYSFsmall 150x150 Welcome to Samford Valley Steiner SchoolDuring the holidays one of our Class 12 students, Amy Weir, was fortunate to attend the National Youth Science Forum. The forum ran from 5 January through to the 17 January and was held in Canberra. It is a forum that is for students entering into Class 12 that have an interest in the sciences. In Amy’s words:
“It’s a forum for students entering year 12 who are interested in science and are looking at a possible future career in science. We had opportunities to experience what it would be like to work in the sciences, as well as hearing from other scientists and their journey of how they entered into science careers.
[What do you think you can bring with you from the experience into your final school year?]
The confidence and the desire to ask more questions. I also learnt schemes on how to study and I feel more prepared for year 12 and the years afterwards.”

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