Samford Valley Steiner School

Parent Contributions

Enrolment ApplicatIon contribution

For Kindergarten – Year 12 applications, a non-refundable contribution of $200 per student must accompany the Enrolment Application. The Application contribution is subject to change. Please ring the office to confirm the cost at time of lodgement. Applications are placed on a waiting list from date of payment.

For further information or questions please contact our school office at or phone 07 3430 9600.

Parent Contributions

Samford Valley Steiner School is a not-for-profit organisation and all Parent Contributions and levies are used to enable the children’s education and the provision of related facilities. The school endeavours to keep Parental Contributions to a minimum affordable level commensurate with the quality of the education it provides and the actual running costs of the school.

2024 Kindy Parent Contribution Schedule

2024 Parent Contribution Schedule

Financial Contribution RELIEF Program

The Financial Contribution Relief Program may be available to families experiencing short term financial difficulties. At SVSS we recognise that where we can support families experiencing hardship, we will strive to do so, as our goal for social and cultural renewal is to make SVSS a school as accessible as possible to all families, whilst also ensuring we have the resources and staff to serve the growing needs and growth of our school. We have a fiscal responsibility to ensure the school is financially stable to endure through times of unknown events or crises. This was evident in 2020 when we first experienced the Covid-19 pandemic. The school was robust enough to offer financial relief to families who suddenly found their situation had dramatically changed. The School Board immediately offered relief to those families who were in need. For further information or to make an application for short term financial relief, please contact our Economic Development Manager, Smitha Mallya,