Samford Valley Steiner School

School Board

The School Board 

President – Michael Ryan

Michael is an independent environmental consultant who applies behavioural sciences to shape technical specialists into high performing teams with a shared goal.  He is a father of two children currently in the Primary School and is passionate about spiritual development.
Michael has good communication skills, both written and verbal, and has used these skills in negotiations and conflict resolution across all levels of government and non-government organizations.  Michael is keen to assist in the long-term strategic development of the school.

Treasurer – Rob Hewitt

Rob is a chartered accountant with 15 years post qualification experience in a broad range of industries and businesses, from early stage to established multi-national operations. In his current role, he is Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of UniQuest, the University of Queensland’s main technology commercialisation company.

Rob is passionate about the governance role of the board and the contribution it can make to a strong and confident Samford Valley Steiner School.

Secretary – Magalie Aparis

Magalie is the mother of 2 beautiful boys, both attending the school and the spouse of her wonderful partner Ludo. Born in Cognac in France, she has always had an interest for the STEM subjects. She holds a master in chemical and environmental engineering and has worked in various industries (Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, OG&C, and now Mining and Mineral) in Ireland, France and Australia.
She temporary moved to Australia with Ludo in 2004 for work. Both fell in love with Brisbane and the Australian lifestyle “no worries, mate” and chose to become Australian.

With all her time in the corporate world, Magalie wanted something different for her children. She was fortunate to be told about Steiner education and about the Samford Valley Steiner School. On the side, she has also interests in nutrition, alternative medicine. She is a reiki II channel and a nutripuncture practitioner and pursues ongoing education in that field. She loves to learn about personal and professional development. She has been attending a leadership course based on Rudolf Steiner principles. Her aim is to be able to apply Steiner leadership style to the corporate world. She wanted to give back to the school, and joined the Board of the school as the Secretary. She was previously Secretary of the Western Suburbs Toastmaster International club and prior to that, she was the Secretary and then Chairperson of the Risk Engineering Society. Her analytical skills, corporate and governance competency and knowledge widen the expertise of the Board committee.

Non-executive Director – Olga Bruvel

Olga has two children at the school. She has been involved in Steiner schools for the past 13 years, having served on previous school boards and been part of the establishment of Milkwood Steiner School. Olga has a strong interest in the health and social benefits that Steiner education brings to the child and the wider community. Olga brings to the board a passion for the expansion of Steiner education and anthroposophical impulses connecting with the wider community.  Olga has skills in business development, mediation, and community work. She is currently furthering her studies in Psychology.

Non-executive Director – Zoe Richardson

Zoe has three children at SVSS and brings to the Board a passion for the continued provision of a strong and rich Steiner education in Queensland. Zoe has a strong background in strategic analysis with experience in both the private (finance & investment) and public sector. Zoe has also held a number of volunteer roles (including executive committee roles), and is currently Class Coordinator for Classes 8 and 11 as well as a member of Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QISPN) Reference Group.  Zoe’s strengths include strategic and horizon planning, good communication skills and effective stakeholder engagement.

Non-executive Director – Emma Sargent

Emma is a parent of a child in the Lillipilli Kindergarten class – the double streaming blip that she is forever grateful came into being. She is a published author of a non-fiction title that focuses on the self-development and spiritual / soul awareness of the individual. Alongside her love for writing, Emma works in multiple businesses across various industries.

Her rich career life has seen her in a variety of roles, within various organisations, public and private sectors, locally and internationally, exposing her to responsibilities and challenges faced at Senior and Executive Governance levels. Her passion is to see people follow their dreams and goals, and reach their highest potential, stepping into the life they had planned at birth. Often this means dispensing with the pre-conceived and pre-programmed ideas of self, and immersing into higher knowledge. Emma sees Steiner education as the key for not only future generations, but society as a whole, to evolve into highly competent and conscious beings, with the capacity to undertake all of life’s challenges, and to see these challenges as opportunities to grow – within themselves and within the world. As Steiner said it himself – “If we have an ideal before us, at least under some circumstances, we can work in that direction.”

Non-executive Director – Antonia Jardine

Antonia went to a French Primary and a Dutch High School where she completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Thereafter, Antonia studied in Glasgow, Scotland and discovered rowing and rowed to a national level. Antonia lived in Hong Kong for seventeen years before coming to Australia. There she ran a small business, worked for a sports marketing and promotions firm before embarking on a teaching career. She taught all age groups from kindergarten to high school and in 2008 started working at Samford Valley Steiner School. Antonia has two boys and two girls of her own and is actively and passionately involved in a living education for social renewal and simply adores competitive running and horse-riding.