Samford Valley Steiner School

Enrolments Process

Enrolling at Samford Valley Steiner School

Thank you for considering a Steiner education for your child at Samford Valley Steiner School.
By joining our community, you enter a partnership with the school. It is essential that prospective families be fully informed about the underlying philosophy and school expectations to ensure congruence between school and home for the child.
To continue with an enrolment, follow the steps below.

  • To start your online enrolment application click here.
  • Note: The application contribution of $200 per child is non-refundable and submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance. Please read our Enrolment Policy Oct 23 and Gender Diversity Policy June 2023 We will assume you have read and understood this policy prior to submitting an application.

Note: The school has strong wait lists for some classes. Where there are no vacancies, your child will be placed on the wait list for that class. We will contact you at the end of each calendar year to confirm whether you wish to remain on the waiting list.

Pippi/Pre-Prep: If your application has been lodged for Pippi or Pre-Prep then the sequence of events is:

  • In April the year prior to entry, you will be contacted and invited to attend an Information Night. This night is compulsory for all applicants for entry. You will be provided with an overview of the whole school program, given the opportunity to get insight into Steiner Education, ask questions and to meet with staff.
  •  An interview will be conducted by Kindergarten teachers at the end of June of the year prior. (Your child will be required to attend). We have limited places so not all applicants will be offered an interview.

Prep – Class 11: If your application is for year levels Prep – Class 11, then the following process applies:

  • Where there is a vacancy, you will be contacted to attend a Parent Education Information Session, if you have not already done so. This session is compulsory for all applicants for entry.
  • You will then be invited for an initial interview with the Class Teacher or Guardian.
  • A Learning Enrichment teacher may conduct an assessment as part of the interview, or request a further meeting.

Note: Obtaining an interview does not guarantee an enrolment offer will be made. Families must be able to demonstrate that they have the willingness and capacity to fully support the ethos of the school. 

  • When you are offered a place, accept the offer and complete the Enrolment Contract details.
  • Secure the place by paying the Acceptance fee as per the  2024 Parent Contribution Schedule
  • Start date: You will be advised of the start date for your child.

Our school community is based upon fostering healthy relationships. We seek to actively engage our community in our mission to contribute towards social renewal. We ask in return that you actively interact with us. You can this in the following ways:

  • Log on to our parent portal Parent Lounge and familiarise yourself with the school handbook and policies
  • Attend the week 5 and 10 review meeting of your child
  • Attend termly Parent Teacher meetings
  • Read the School Newsletter
  • Participate in Parent Education talks
  • Come to the termly Working Bees
  • Attend school festivals and class performances
  • Join the Parent Craft Group
  • Be active in the Parents and Friends Association