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SVSS Early Childhood Booklet 2021

Radish or Barbie_Waldorf Dolls

What can parents do for their child’s healthy brain development_

Developmental age 3 and 4 year old

Five Year Old

Older Five Year Old

Six year old changeRuth Kerr

Six year old transformationMichelle Brightwater

The 6yr-old Change_Waldorf Library

Older Six Year Old

Daily rhythm at home – Helle Heckmann

Working with the will

The magical years of childhood –

Practical Activities with the Young Child –


Recommended Reading

Here’s an article in Waldorf Today (originally from the UK’s Daily Mail) about how violent video games affect the brain, even after only one week:

Here’s an article from the New York Times about why Waldorf schools delay children’s interaction with technology:


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