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International Students

International Students

Information for students who wish to attend Samford Valley Steiner School as an Overseas student.

International Student Application form

International Students Course Fees and other charges Final

Policy and Procedure on Entry Requirements

SVSS will consider enrolment applications from students wishing to apply for a Student Visa, subject to compliance with minimum requirements and conditions set by the School and with legislative requirements of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia, including any requirements to undertake extra tuition to learn English to meet the English language proficiency standard needed to enter mainstream classes.

International Students – Refund Policy

Overseas Student Transfer Request Policy

Student progress and attendance policy Final

International Students – SVSS Critical Incident Policy

International Students – School accommodation and welfare policy

International Students – Samford Valley Steiner School Complaints and Appeals Policy

International Students – Samford Valley Steiner School Deferment Suspension and Cancellation Policy