Samford Valley Steiner School

Official Documents

Official Documents

School Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan maintains the focus of the Board and College on agreed activities that will assist in achieving the respective Missions and Shared Vision. The  Plan accomplishes three important tasks:

  1. It clarifies the key objectives that the RSEGB Board and College wish to achieve for SVSS over the next 10 years;
  2. It identifies the criteria that will be used to assess performance against each objective (these have been termed the ‘End State’ criteria in the Board section and as ‘Indicators of Achievement’ in the College section); and
  3.  It provides a timeframe over which the objectives are expected to be achieved.

SVSS Strategic Plan 2017-2026


School Improvement Plan 2020 – 2022

The School Improvement Plan will guide the strategic direction for growth and improvement of the school from 2020 to 2022 and is to be read in conjunction with the Strategic Plan 2017 -2026.



Annual Report
Schools in Queensland are required to provide an Annual Report to their community .

School Annual Report 2019


School Policies and handbooks

Child Protection Policy May 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy

Policy_Child Risk Management Strategy_Final_16Apr18

Social Health Wellbeing Policy

504 Policy_Privacy_Approved_23082019

103 203 303 Samford Valley Steiner School Complaints Resolution System

103 203 303 Policy Complaints resolution

103 203 303 complaint resolution request form

2020 School Handbook

Kindergarten Handbook 2020