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Education Goals for Young Australians

The Education Goals for Young Australians

Improving educational outcomes for all young Australians is central to the nation’s social and economic prosperity and will position young people to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives. The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration has the power to transform lives. It supports young people to realise their potential by providing skills they need to participate in the economy and in society, and contributing to every aspect of their wellbeing.

This Declaration sets out the Australian Education Ministers’ vision for education in Australia and commitment to improving educational outcomes for young Australians. The Declaration has two distinct but interconnected goals:

Goal 1: The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity

Goal 2: All young Australians become:

  •  confident and creative individuals
  • successful lifelong learners
  • active and informed members of the community.

Achieving these education goals is the responsibility of Australian Governments and the education community in partnership with young Australians, their families and carers and the broader community.

To read more see: Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration.