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Little Seeds – SVSS Playgroup

Samford Valley Steiner School’s playgroup, Little Seeds, offers morning sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays (9.15-11.15am) to families with children aged two to four years old. Attending playgroup is an ideal opportunity to participate in a supportive parent-child program with its foundations built upon the indications of Rudolf Steiner, prior to enrolling in the Kindergarten.

Little Seeds Playgroup, which is led by a registered teacher with training and experience in Steiner Early Childhood Education, aims to:

  • create a sanctuary of safe, imaginative play
  • create an oasis of peace, calm and friendship for caregivers
  • provide insight for parents and carers about Steiner Early Childhood education and
  • facilitate connections within the community for like-minded parents and carers who are searching for a holistic way of raising and educating young children.

Whilst at playgroup, your child begins to gently orientate themselves in the wider world by connecting with the seasons and participating in small festivals. Little Seeds Playgroup offers a wholesome and nurturing environment for your child to explore social, free play, participate in meaningful work, and develop rich oral language skills through stories and songs.

Sessions are an intentional balance of play and guided activities in a reliable rhythm to create a sense of security and warm familiarity. Families will experience a story and morning circle inspired by the local seasons, prepare fruit and bread for a shared morning tea, and plenty of child-led play. Parents are invited to enjoy a warm drink and model contribution and care to our children by participating in meaningful work and craft.

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