Samford Valley Steiner School

Parents & Friends

Parents and Friends Association (PAFA)

PAFA’s role is to help foster a strong and vibrant community at Samford Valley Steiner School.  To do that we will seek to:

  • Ensure that our activities are consistent with School values and the Steiner principles
  • Promote and foster the adoption of Steiner principles in the school community
  • Facilitate communication between various stakeholders in the school community
  • Engage in community building by organising social events

Organise and carry out fundraising activities to assist the school in purchasing things for the benefit of the students.

The PAFA team keep things fun and enjoyable: no pressure, no politics, just being there to support the children and the school community. Regular meetings are held at the school every fortnight.

All parents are welcome to join the Parents and Friends Association (PAFA).