About Us

In 1987, a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic parents and teachers saw the need to provide Steiner education in Brisbane. Through their commitment and vision, a preschool group was established in a private house in Kenmore.

From this modest beginning, our school has grown to provide Steiner education from Pre-Prep to Year 12. Our 2008-2010 Strategic Plan focused our attention on strengthening our present position and planning for future growth, particularly in the High School.

Our school’s educational philosophy is based on the principles of Anthroposophy as given by Rudolf Steiner.

Grounded in beauty truth and wisdom

Samford Valley Steiner School offers an education that is grounded in a spiritual understanding of the development of the human being. Children are educated through the ideals of beauty, wisdom and truth so they can have the greatest possibility of fulfilling their individual potential.

We do this by acknowledging and nurturing the threefold nature of the human being – body, soul and spirit. Our teachers strive to achieve balance by developing each child’s thinking, feeling, and will as they move through the school from Pre-Prep to graduation at the end of Year 12. The journey of age-appropriate development is the cornerstone of Steiner education. This holistic pathway leads to excellent academic achievements, and well-rounded young adults with a desire to continue learning. Our students move confidently into the world with strength of purpose and a broad knowledge of themselves and the world.

Teachers and parents working together

Samford Valley Steiner School values excellence in education based on honesty, tolerance, reverence, responsibility and hard work. Our teachers have input into developing behaviour management policies, curriculum, and other management policies. Our teachers and administration staff also have the support of a Governing Board, Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) and other volunteers. In all of our endeavours we place high priority on encouraging efficiency and effectiveness with ownership of individual actions.