Since its inception, in 1987, Samford Valley Steiner School has offered a two-year Early Childhood program with a part-time first year and the second year (full-time) equivalent to the current full-time Prep Year. Over the years our program has evolved and been refined to meet the changing needs of children, families and government regulations, but has essentially adhered to the same fundamental principles based on knowledge of the young child from an Anthroposophical perspective.

The Kindergarten has received an overall rating of Exceeding the National Standard.  Below is the summary comment from the assessor.

The Regulatory Authority congratulates your service on its achievements in providing high quality outcomes for children, families and educators by exceeding the NQS in five of the Quality Areas. The holistic approach to teaching and learning, and the shared understanding of educators, enables children to be competent and capable learners. The sense of community and involvement of parents and children as active decision makers in the service contributes to the high level of quality at the service. The strong partnerships between educators and families build on children’s sense of belonging, being and becoming. Samford Valley Steiner School Early Childhood Centre is commended for achieving a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard overall.(October 2015)

Both classrooms, Briar Rose and Star Gold, include a combination of first year (Pre-Prep/part-time) and second year (Prep/full-time) children. Experience over many years has demonstrated numerous benefits for children in mixed age groupings at this level. We are therefore committed to a mixed age group
two-year program as the foundational preparation to Class 1.

In acknowledgement of the valuable contribution of Steiner pedagogy to educational diversity, we have been granted special permission by Queensland Government to continue to allow our students to enter Class 1 after their sixth birthday. (In other schools children can enter Class 1 as early as five-and-a-half years old.)

Pre-Prep children (4-5 years old) attend from 8:30am – 2:30pm (except Wednesday 8:30am – 1:00pm) on a 6-day fortnight.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Prep children (5-6 years old) attend from 8:30am – 2:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8.30am – 1:00pm on Wednesday.

kindy provider RGB A1 v2Samford Valley Steiner Early Childhood Centre is an approved kindergarten program provider under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme.  Please see the statement-of-fees-kindergarten 2017.



A day in the Kindergarten

Children are carried along by the rhythms of the world in which they live – from the rhythms of breathing in and out, to the daily rhythms of sleeping and waking. The yearly cycle of the seasons is part of life’s experience for adults and children. Children flourish when their daily activities are arranged rhythmically to reflect the natural order of life.

Thus activities within our classrooms flow with a sense of ‘breathing in’ to ‘breathing out’, from the quiet moments of listening to a fairy tale to the active moments of vigorous work and play.

Children begin their day with an extended period of creative free play. During this time, children help the Assistant prepare a nutritious morning tea. Other activities, such as craft, drawing and painting also occur.

Meal times provide the opportunity for ‘helpers’ to prepare the meal, set the table, clear the dishes and wash up.

In addition to imaginative indoor and outdoor play, drawing, painting, craft, and stories, children participate each week in a session of Eurythmy, a specialist speech and movement activity. From the second term, classes often go on nature walks around the Primary and High School grounds with their teacher. These popular excursions offer the opportunity for children to explore the environment beyond the Early Childhood Centre garden.

The School Year and Festivals

We mark the rhythms of the year through the changing seasons and the celebration of festivals.

As the year weaves from one festival to another we are provided with a particular kind of reason for community celebration.

Festivals have their meaning in something that is connected to the wider community. For example we all experience the seasons and their changes. We celebrate together something that is known to us all, not something unexpected each time. The ritual nature of the preparation, and the excited anticipation of the festival are an integral part of the shared celebration.

The children experience meaningful preparations including decorating the room, completing craft, baking special treats and rehearsing a play or learning songs and verses chosen just for that particular festival. The stories that are told give the children a pictorial understanding of the festival and speak very deeply to them without any explanation being necessary.

Our Teachers and Assistants

The task of the Kindergarten Teachers and Assistants is to provide an environment, in which the young child feels secure, loved and recognised as a unique being.

Teachers strive to be worthy role models for the children. They work to establish and maintain a relationship of mutual respect, understanding and co-operation between home and school, teacher and parent, for the benefit of the child.

The Teachers, in both Briar Rose and Star Gold rooms, are trained Early Childhood Teachers with many years experience in Steiner education. They are supported by full-time Assistants undergoing further childcare/educational studies.

Work from an imaginative picture

All activity needs rhythm

The education of our children is enhanced when our teachers work closely and harmoniously with parents to deepen each other’s understanding of the child.