Parent & Friends

Samford-Steiner-open-day-meetingAll parents are welcome to join our our Parents and Friends Association (PAFA)

PAFA aims to:

Promote in the parent/friend body an understanding of the workings of the school community, thereby encouraging as many parents and friends as possible to be involved.

Instigate and organise social and/or fundraising events, including the Fair and cultural events, and to assist in the planning of whole school events such as the Open Day.

Provide opportunities for parents and friends to become familiar with the philosophical basis upon which the school was founded, via education evenings and workshops..

Assist in the running of Steiner playgroups associated with our school.

Support all alumnis of the school via communication channels with past students and staff.

Support school families in need, whether through financial hardship, loss, illness or other factors.

Oversee the parent library.

Contribute to the school’s financial needs not met by school fees, eg by applying for grants available to PAFAs, fundraising, making use of parents’ and friends’ skills, and supporting a bursary fund.

Be financially independent of the school, but work closely with the management and teachers to support each other toward our mutual goal of providing a strong, caring environment for our children.

Provide a link with external organisations at an association level, such as Steiner Education Australia (SEA), other Independent schools’ associations and the wider community.